Monday, November 06, 2006

how sweet it is to be...

Q-west Idol went off without a hitch. we took second place as a company, meaning one of out people took second place. we also took second place in the dodgeball tournament. what a loss. things are good here on my end. I am still waiting for pictures of my new nephew, but i suppose mother and son are doing well. no news is good news...i am continuing to write my story and i will post chunks as they get finished. i miss you all and hope all is well with you. leah, brian and noah-keep the pictures coming-patricia, jason, and cody-get the cameras out, i want some photographic proof of life :)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the phone call. ILY Can't wait to see the "trench coat." I gave Leah the message so hopefully she can get in touch with someone at Ft. Lee.

Know that I pray for you. MO

Patricia said...

I am not trying to ignore your plea for pictures, just busy, tired, and have a slow computer. I promise photos are on the way. I love you lots. Pete