Wednesday, November 22, 2006

technical difficulties

sorry that i have not posted in a while. i have been unable to access the website to put my posts on, but you have been rewarded for your patience. here are the next two installments on the story-well worth the wait i hope. things here are much of the same. i am really excited to go home for leave. thank you leah for the package that you sent with the christmas decorations. its beginning to feel a lot like christmas, and even though you arent supposed to put up christmas decorations before thanksgiving is over i say poo-poo to that.
I miss you all very much and hope you enjoy the story half as much as i am enjoying writing it.


Bob said...

Again, great stuff!!!

Thanks so much, and I wish you a safe trip for your visit home.

Patricia said...

can't wait to see you bud! Cody says you are his favorite uncle and he can't wait to meet you.

ILY Pete