Sunday, November 12, 2006

and the land speed record goes to...

things out here remain the same. it seems to me that everytime i am out of the states, life just flies by at break neck speed. it seems like just yesterday that i left the states, but so much has happened since then. i am excited to get home and see my nephews for the first time. it will be fun too be an uncle. it almost feels unreal, like it isnt really happening. i miss you all very much.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, the perception of time. It feels like it is crawling along. I wait for an email, a comment or phone call. When they come (and they come often) I WAIT for the next one, daily activities filling the blanks. I saw Cody Friday. He is so little, so darling. P & J are so happy (as we all are). I'll send pictures with the next package. Know that I pray for you every day. ILY IMY XXXOOOOOOOOOOOO