Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Doctor is psychiatric evaluations today!

I’m sorry about the last few entries in the blog being so morbid. I don’t want you all to think that I’m going crazy here in Germany. I sometimes feel down, and I sometimes feel wasted. I’m doing ok. I would say that I’m fine, but Marla Higginbotham always said, “Fine means freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional…” So I say that I am ok. I’ve been better, I’ve been worse, and I’ve been in worse shape. However, my back is finally feeling great (I’ve been in physical therapy, and getting treatment from doctors for almost eighteen months) and that is a load off of my whole attitude.
You are right Tom-it is great when you have a support structure that you can depend on. A family that holds you up, but, as you said, its even better when you can hand it off to the Lord. I’ve noticed a lot more people are leaving comments, and I enjoy reading them. Its good to know that someone out there is listening and still loves me.
I am a little sad that I do not get to go to my cousins wedding in California, but I had an opportunity to meet her husband to be, and I am confident that she is in good hands. My family, however, is going to need some help. So all of you out in California, remember to tell them that if they don’t behave there are plenty of group hugs waiting (it’ll scare the crap out of them-and make them behave!).
I have to close for now-but I will return in a few days to add some more.

Love and Prayers-

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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of group hugs waiting whether they behave or not. I haven't seen Leah in over 10 years and I can't wait. Your presence will be greatly missed but there will be more parties in the future that we will all attend. I'm happy to hear that your back is better and don't worry about the blog letters its good to hear that you are human and have your ups and downs otherwise we would have to worry. Take care.
Love, Kelly