Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the internet is the devil!

since i have recently linked up a broadband connection I have begun to realize how much time can be spent on the internet. its nice to be able to talk to all of my friends in the states, it makes the distance seem a lot smaller. I was online this morning before work talking to Tom and Chris through im. It was really good to actually hear their voices. it has motivated me enough to go get a webcam and microphone so that I can talk to them as well.
Things around here are pretty much the same. we had a change of command ceremony this morning for our company. I was the Guidon bearer. so I was upfront for the whole thing. The army needs to fight wars, otherwise we are lost in the midst of Ceremony after ceremony. the "tinsel and glare" gets a little old. I just dont know if i can stand one more ceremony.
The days keep passing and very soon I will be back in the United States. Back where gas is cheap and the dollar is worth a dollar. The exchange rate today (for those considering a trip to Europe) the euro is 80 cents to the dollar. the best that it has been in a while. time to go out and get some of that high quality German beer.
More later

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Anonymous said...

Drink a dunkel hefenwiezen beer for me too

Okay, peace out.