Sunday, June 12, 2005

Germany Sucks...

This is my first entry on this whole blog thing, but everyone who knows me has asked me to put down some of my thoughts into a blog. So here it is, I just returned to my duty station in Germany after a year in Iraq. Iraq was probably the worst experience of my life, but it is over and I'm getting over it. Being here in Germany just accents how much I enjoy being out of the third world.
Germans on the other hand...They are an interesting group of people. They come off really rude. I just don't really understand what is so difficult about being polite, a little excuse me maybe???

My parents, my sister, and her husband were just out here to Germany. We traveled a little bit. Their journey began in Munich. They went to Dachau and saw the concentration camp that was in that city. I joined them the evening after their trip. It was an interesting trip from the beginning. Until we finally stopped eating traditional German foods, the trip was a little difficult for the visitors to enjoy. German is really hard to guess...Pink Bologna ;) sorry, a little inside humor.
The trip didn't get really fun until we arrived in Berlin. We took a couple of guided tours. We saw the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag, the pergamum museum, and a whole lot of other "tourist" sites.
The city of Berlin was a trip!! That city has such an interesting dynamic because of he wall. The City is divided into quarters and is still very divided.

That is all for now....

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